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There is no easy answer to the wide question of stain removal, that’s why we don’t make promises we can’t keep over the phone, so will not commit to being able to remove stains without seeing them.

However, we do have the best cleaning equipment on the market and there isn’t much it can’t shift!

To give you a good idea, if it is a coloured stain, the odds are reduced, but that doesn’t mean it won’t come out. We need to know more about the condition of the stain, how was it caused? What type of fabric or flooring is it on? How old is the stain? Is the item stain protected? Has anything been done to the stain so far?


Lots of companies will not only quote on the phone, they will guarantee stain removal on the phone just so they can get into your home and then make their excuses for not exceeding your expectations once they are there and take your money for their unsuccessful attempt. Successful stain removals can take up to an one hour alone, yet these same companies will not only attempt to remove the stain but also clean your carpet and pack away in the same amount of time!

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There is no hard sell. We are also happy to ensure that any concerns are properly answered before you go ahead with the work.

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