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How it works

The most thorough carpet clean ever!

We are one of a few carpet cleaning companies to have invested in the equipment necessary to carry out restorative carpet cleaning.

This includes using our van mounted hot water extraction equipment - which is proven to be 20 TIMES MORE POWERFUL than any portable machine!

We also use an industrial dry vacuum to remove all dry soiling prior to using the hot water equipment, something which is again unique to our 9-step restorative process.

Your carpet is cleaned to deep within the pile and finishes dry and immaculate!



  1. Protects the areas around your carpets, upholstery and fabrics - doesn't touch walls, stair rails or skirting boards

  2. High Filtration Industrial Vacuum removes surface soiling with ease!

  3. We pre-spot difficult stains - we will get them out no problem!

  4. Application of Non-chemical, non-toxic, non-caustic pre-spray - we keep your carpets and home free of nasty bugs

  5. High pressure high temperature water extraction machine - no mess, no wet carpet, just extreme carpet cleaning!

  6. Every single residue gets washed out for 100% clean carpets

  7. Anti-bacterial residue rinse option to ensure the cleaned area is neutralised against bacteria and odours returning

  8. We apply high quality protector solutions wherever is necessary to ensure the clean lasts and lasts

  9. Our rapid dry system extracts all residual moisture - leaving your carpet dry

Strength of service

We use this unique 9 step process because it gives you more benefits than any other carpet clean - it guarantees you a 100% clean carpet

  • Deeper, more thorough cleaning

    Truck-mounted systems are renowned for their power and speed of operation. Truck-mounted systems operate at around 400-500pis. Portable machines are around 50-100 psi. Our equipment rocks!

  • Quicker drying

    Truck-mounted driers dry at least 50% quicker than professional portable machines as they use more air-flow. A brilliant clean which doesn't take hours and hours!

  • Healthier

    The machine is kept outside your premises in our van - so there is no dirty air blowing inside your house from the machine exhaust.

  • Fully self contained:

    We take all of the dirty water away with us (we don’t even put it down your drains!). We also provide all our own clean water rather than using your water supply.

    We can carry out carpet and upholstery cleaning jobs on premises with no water supply and no electrical supply!

  • Better for your fabrics

    With the added power of the truck-mounted system, we are can use safer and more mild carpet, upholstery and textile detergents, which not only are better for your fabrics, but better for the environment too.

  • Interim cleaning versus restorative cleaning

    Other cleaning companies use heated pads, portable machines or powders to try to clean carpets, but these clean the upper surface and do not get the dirt, grime and stains out of the pile, deep within the carpet.

    This means you pay for a carpet clean but your carpet is still dirty underneath the top - it will retain the grime within the pile. This means the fibres continue to wear out fast with the abrasiveness of the soiling.

    Our process and equipment guarantee against this - we clean throughout the carpet pile - and you will see the difference! Your carpet will shine with cleanliness, and will last longer, with no abrasive dirt within the fibres.

  • The white towel test

    The first diagram below (fig 1) shows what carpets look like before cleaning, whilst the second (fig 2) shows what a carpet looks like after an “interim” clean.

    When a “restoration” clean is carried out, you can see it’s well and truly cleaned, as seen in the third diagram (fig 3).

    If you rub a clean white terry towel on it now, it will still be clean - the test speaks for itself.

    So please try the white terry towel test and make sure you get value for your money!!!

Cleaning diagram

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